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Fulani Properties Limited is a subsidiary company of Famalco Holdings Limited (Famalco Group). The Group is an investment management company operating in Malta, and since its inception two decades ago, there has been a consistency throughout on its highly diversified Business model.Famalco Group founders were inspired to build on the three generations’ legacy of fresh produce trading. This kick-started substantial growth, and eventually expanding into an array of industries, trade and services.Ever since starting up in September 2004, Fulani Properties has immersed itself in the property development and management business, to establish itself as a competitive entity within the sector. The success within the industry allows for the continual growth of the company and further development within targeted areas.Fulani Properties Ltd caters for the Group’s vast property portfolio, including the maintenance and day to day property related operations. Fulani’s services also extend to third party members through the acquisition of land and development of it into property for tenants.Fulani has already contributed towards the property market sector through the construction of considerable residential and commercial developments mainly in Attard, Zebbug, Santa Venera, B’Kara and Wardija.Fulani Properties recently provided turnkey services to its sister company Franchisology Ltd, operators of the popular international pizza franchise Domino’s. Fulani’s future is looking bright with various new and exciting projects in the pipeline, both in the residential sector as well as in the hospitality, retail and leisure industries.
Fulani Properties Malta Property
Fulani Properties Malta Property
Fulani Properties Malta Property

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